we love -all- of doctor who

(you almost killed a star whale!)

You almost killed a Star Whale
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Because Star Whales are Hysterical.

We are a community that loves all of Doctor Who. See our intro post for more details!

Some rules

  1. Be respectful. Even though we've told you we like people who love EVERYONE in doctor who, that doesn't mean people won't have their favorites. Just because someone's favorite is different than yours doesn't mean you can be rude. Follow common rules of decency.
  2. Character hate will not be tolerated. Don't bash.
  3. That goes for show runner battles as well. RTD and Moffat are very different but very skilled show runners. Don't bash.
  4. Likewise, Ship Wars will not be tolerated. Do. Not. Bash.
  5. Make all your posts Doctor Who relevant, but outside of that general guideline, post whatever you want (as long as it's not pornographic or bigoted)
  6. Though this community is Who-centric, discussion of Torchwood and SJA (including episode discussion posts) is allowed
  7. Put large images or amounts of text behind a lj cut.
  8. Spoilers are acceptable, but once again, put them behind a cut!
  9. Do not post links to illegal content (whether it be illegally downloaded or streamed episodes, that sort of thing). All links to illegal content will be removed.
  10. Please do not post your fanwork outside of this post.
  11. Please do not post promotions for other comms or promotions for events taking place in other comms.
  12. Lastly, have fun!

This community is a safe place for people who are tired of the general negativity of fandom. You are free to think of the characters and showrunners as you please, but please keep the more negative material to your personal journal or a different community. This comm is for people who think that Donna, Rose, Martha, and Amy are awesome and should have slumber parties in the TARDIS where they talk about how awesome they all are. That being said, criticism is fine, but please try to frame it in a positive manner. Posting is open to all members but moderated to ensure it fits the community rules; in the unlikely event we reject your post, we'll be sure to tell you why.

If you have any questions or want to affiliate with us, feel free to message our fabulous mods, bazcat89, miss_mishi, _thirty2flavors, and lacunaz.

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